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Parents gathering outside administration buildings in rage looking for justice and answers as to what they had done.

Things had shifted and they were now in a position to get things back in order.

I was taken again in the spirit and was shown military police going into government buildings, city halls, municipalities, courts and police stations.

They were arresting officials and judges, charging them bringing them to justice.

They had taken bribes and under the table deals by cabal globalist leaders to go along with WEF agendas.

They were now going to pay for crimes against humanity.

The call was out for a new breed of governance. Those ones were being vetted and prepared to step in and build a new system.

I saw communication dishes shaken off foundations, no longer able to broadcast.

MSM networks shaken to the core.

Left with the embarrassment and shame for all to see how they were paid puppets to echo what they had been told.

I saw files in the office of CIA instructions and narratives that they had been given to share as news and truth when it in fact was nothing but lies, deception and manipulation.

I saw the Fire of God being released upon new networks, uncompromising in real truth with men and women who could not be bought and controlled. This was a great day!

I saw stadiums being given to the church.
Not to build their own kingdoms and bank accounts, but to gather, pray and worship and bring people into the kingdom.

The Fire of God burning so hot that the flesh of man was in a position of the spirit of the fear of the Lord.

No one wanted to touch this move, for fear of being taken out as in the day the ark of the covenant was moved on a cart.

Crowds lined up for hours to get in these gatherings, Holy Spirit was pouring it out upon His people.

The Glory came and the Lord Himself would minister to the masses.

I was then taken in the spirit to a desert.

It was area 51.

And no I did not see any aliens!

This actually seemed like a place for securing other things – not UFO’s !

Fenced, gated, cameras over every square inch.

Nothing coming or going from here.

There were very large buildings and warehouses.

I was not given access to them all but the one I was taken into had rows of tall racking and storage and staging / working research areas.

There was agricultural technology that had advanced growing that produced the most nutritious fruits and vegetables, they were so large! I had never seen anything like it on the farm.

There were devices of various sizes that pulled power and energy out of the air.

It was able to capture and use energy seemingly out of no where.

The applications were endless.

Those on site were preparing to release these new advanced technologies to the world and it would save many lives.

The timing for release was in conjunction with the cabal no longer being able to control and supress it.

God was releasing it for the benefit of His people.

These warehouses were full of these kinds of life changing things, this was the tip of the iceberg.

Then the Lord spoke to me:

America, America, America!

The day of your deliverance is upon you.

A new day is dawning!

Things have gone to far and there is no turning back from here!

The storm that was promised is now upon this land.

As the wind of my spirit blows through this Nation things will once again be set into order.

My order.

The days of the cabal are coming to an end.

The corrupt actions shall be held to account.

Joe has tried to sell you out.

He has had his hand the pockets of CCP.

He will be tried and convicted caught red handed!

The back door in the Ukraine has been shut!

They will turn and burn him with no regard and the truth will stand.

They played him like a violin!

The Masons are on their last legs!

For there is no other God above me!

Hear me today, let me be clear – I am purging out every evil and demonic affiliate from places of power and control in this land and I will stop at nothing until it is done – for I finish what I start!
The Canadian Hammer, [May 24, 2023 at 6:17 AM]
For there is no greater love that I have than that for my precious little lambs!

I am setting up houses of refuge here and now.

I am raising up and releasing spiritual mothers and fathers in this nation at this time.

Many have been hidden away.

Many I have pulled out of the institutionalized church.

I have repositioned you for the harvest that is coming in.

I am returning my people to the ancient paths that I have long established.

Yes, you will once again meet house to house breaking bread and yes, you will gather as I lead you into stadiums.

As you seek me and remain in Me, in humility, surrender and obedience I will provide you with every resource that you need!

It is my greatest desire for this Nation to turn back to Me!

I am waiting with open loving arms!
Holy is the word of the Lord
Media is too big
Sound familiar to anyone?

They have lied to you for your entire life.

It’s time.
Forwarded from Jordan Sather
Did you ever see this Trump retruth on Truth Social?

Something to keep in mind w/ DeSantis running for prez....

I think it's quite possible Trump & DeSantis are working together, and DeSantis is acting as his antagonist in the play.

Think of him as a honeypot for the RINOs.
Sather is more or less a joke, but he's completely right about this one.

Write down the time and date. Probably wont happen for another few years.

JK - anyway, I've said it before and i'll say it again:

DeSantis is totally on team Trump.
Forwarded from Just Human ️️️
“Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA), a member of the Senate Finance Committee and a co-chairman of the Whistleblower Protection Caucus, is being denied access to the investigation by Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR), the chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, the Washington Examiner has learned.

Lawyers for the IRS whistleblower sent letters to Congress on April 19 and May 15 providing details about their client’s protected disclosures alleging wrongdoing related to the federal investigation into President Joe Biden’s son. The attorneys have gone out of their way in both letters to include Grassley despite the Iowa Republican not being a current chairman or ranking member for a committee with specific jurisdiction regarding the tax code, but he is a leader of a Senate caucus dedicated to protecting whistleblowers.”
Forwarded from Just Human ️️️
There will be a LIVE either tomorrow or Friday

Whatever day it turns out being, it will be a matinee

At this point, I'm leaning towards Friday

I have a major, major announcement to make, which will effect each and every one of us
it's going to be tomorrow
i meant the Live
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JUST IN - Germany, Europe's largest economy with a center-left green-liberal government, officially enters recession.

Forwarded from Wall Street Silver (Wall Street Silver)
Debt Ceiling Deal or No Deal:
The Banking System is Toast!

🚀🚀 Starts NOW 🚀🚀

Click to watch
Forwarded from Wall Street Silver (Wall Street Silver)
- Registered drops ~403K oz. as JP Morgan transfers over 4% of its Registered metal to Eligible.
- Open Interest is now equal to 249% of all vaulted silver and 2,248% of Registered silver.
👆lol JP Morgan is selling off their Silver

403k ounces are now available to purchase, courtesy of JP Morgan

Forwarded from The Welsh lad
Think about it... this is a killer move by our side...

The brand goes woke...pleases the left, passes off the Right.

The Right cancels them

The brand suffers disastrously so reverses decision to re-attract the more affluent Right

The Right see thru the BS and keeps them cancelled

The Left now turns on target for dropping their perversion to please the Right - and cancels them.

Woke outlet now heads to the scrapheap because it lost the Left and the Right.

Keep it coming, assholes. The Right are very much in control now 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
Forwarded from Flat Earth Society
Ionized Gasses Produce Unique Colors
E V Feat. PSR - Taki Mamy Zwyczaj Lyrics