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Forwarded from WhipLash347
To get NESARA, GESARA, MED BEDS, EBS etc we must go through THE EVENT that Triggers EVENTS.
(Think BLACK SWAN or GREY RHINO Events) Unexpected Catastrophic Financial Event. President Xi has spoken of this.
The keywords National/Global Econonic Security And Recovery Act is to recover & rebuild from these Events.

I Am seeing this written
We must Walk Through The Dark, To Get To The Light.

Forwarded from Daniëlle Stotijn (Danielle Stotijn)
Mr Pool
Black swan event.....

A black swan is an unpredictable event that is beyond what is normally expected of a situation and has potentially severe consequences. Black swan events are characterized by their extreme rarity, severe impact, and the widespread insistence that were obvious in hindsight.

DELTA for today

This was a white hat operation against the Rothschilds in the UK 2017 that went wrong. Captain Mike Green was killed in a Plane/Helicopter Crash.

Now it says 2 days prior to the event and it also asks us to make memes as it does for ON THE CLOCK drops. The ending reads as if an event is set to take place that starts the STORM.

answer the questions
build the big picture
break it back down
make memes for the normies to calm & educate

so we'll be ready for the Storm.

So you know it starts in London.
Queen death starts it
Plane/Helicopter Crash?
Missile attack like they did on POTUS?
This is going to trigger the Fake WW3 Event.
Poseidon etc etc
Queen death - King Death
MSM ----Russia done it lol.
Russia, Russia, Russia.
How to justify 1776?
Only 1 Supreme Court Justice in the Supreme Court of the USA.
What is the name of the new RUSSIAN Jet? CHECKMATE

We are playing Chess
Queen must be disbanded.
Forwarded from General McInerneyFAKE
Another day. Another fake.

Forwarded from Nikki H
Forwarded from WhipLash347
Makes today 1
Makes 2moro Zero Day
Daily Mail said she went, Melbourne Herald owned by News Corp said she didn't
Legado - En La Bola Lyrics