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3 CMEs already inbound; now the addition of a 4th prompted SWPC forecasters to upgrade the 1 Dec Watch to a G3. This faster-moving CME will likely merge with upstream CMEs & arrive at Earth on 1 Dec UTC-day making G3 levels possible. Visit swpc.noaa.gov for more info.

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Four CMEs Are Heading For Earth - G3 (Strong) Geomagnetic Storm Watch - November 30. 2023.
Via #nemesis #maturity on YouTube

With 3 CMEs already inbound, the addition of a 4th, full halo CME has prompted SWPC forecasters to upgrade the G2 Watch on 01 Dec to a G3 Watch. This faster-moving halo CME is progged to merge with 2 of the 3 upstream CMEs, all arriving at Earth on 01 Dec. G3 (Strong) conditions are now likely on 01 Dec. https://www.swpc.noaa.gov/

G3 Possible Effects
Power systems: Voltage corrections may be required, false alarms triggered
on some protection devices.
Spacecraft operations: Surface charging may occur on satellite components, drag may increase on low-Earth-orbit satellites, and corrections may be
needed for orientation problems.
Other systems: Intermittent satellite navigation and low-frequency radio
navigation problems may occur, HF radio may be intermittent. Auroras may be visible seen as low as Illinois and Oregon (typically 50° geomagnetic lat).

Thanks for watching!
#solarstorm #CMEs #spaceweather
Images credit: NOAA/SWPC, NASA, nemesis maturity channel
Music credit: YouTube Audio Library

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Is Earth's Magnetic Field on the Verge of Collapse? [What is happening?]
Via #MrMBB333 on YouTube

⭐️ As bizarre as some of the footage you are about to see in this video is, it's all real. These are real-life encounters of 'something' the viewer saw, recorded and was unable to identify. These are ordinary people that saw something extraordinary. I also touch on earth and sun related topics such as a possible pole reversal, large earth directed solar flares that could take out the power grid and satellites, also monitor earthquakes, volcanoes and other natural disasters. In this video we take a look at some new information pertaining to a Magnetic Pole Shift of the Earth that some say is way overdue. What will happen during a Pole Shift? The last one was over 700,000 years ago. [Magnetic Reversal]

They shared their unique experience with me via a video or sometimes pictures and I am sharing them with you. If you watch this channel long enough you will begin to see a trend of mysterious sightings pretty much on a daily basis from locations all around the world.

Since the conception of the smartphone, practically everyone is carrying a high definition recording device ready to record in an instant. These devices have been a game changer, recording many mystery objects in our skies. 25 years ago this was not possible, today, people can share these mysterious encounters and have the ability to show proof of what they witnessed.

You will see many different unexplainable situations in these videos, once again these are ordinary people that were not looking for anything extraordinary....it found them. #MrMBB333 #unexplained #unknown #[190,090]

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/MrMBB333 - Subscribe for daily updates and live streams

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~Want to share something with me? Please send me an email at Reports@MrMBB333.com [175,424]

My Official Website: https://www.mrmbb333.com

#MrMBB333 #mysterious #viral #videos #pole #shift

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AVO Great Sitkin ORANGE/WATCH - Slow eruption of lava continues.

Nov 29, 2023 22:25 - Slow eruption of lava in the summit crater of Great Sitkin Volcano continues. Seismic activity was low over the past day. No activity was observed in cloudy satellite and web camera views.The current lava flow began erupting in July 2021. No explosive events have occurred since a single event in May 2021.Local seismic and infrasound sensors, web cameras, regional infrasound and lightning networks, and satellite data are used to monitor the volcano.

via USGS Volcano Observatory activity updates for AVO (Alaska), CALVO (California), CVO (Cascades), HVO (Hawaiian), NMI (Northern Mariana Islands) & YVO (Yellowstone). 🔗Link in title. 👉Subscribe to:  @VolcanoesEarthquakesAndMore
AVO Shishaldin ORANGE/WATCH - Unrest continues with elevated seismicity. A steam plume was observed web camera images.

Nov 29, 2023 22:25 - Unrest continues at Shishaldin Volcano. Seismic activity remains elevated with small, low-frequency earthquakes observed during the past day. Weakly elevated surface temperatures were observed in satellite views. Clear webcam views from yesterday showed persistent steaming from the summit and upper northeast collapse scarp.Thirteen significant explosive events have occurred at Shishaldin since July 12 through October 3, 2023. These events have been preceded by increases in seismicity in the hours to days before they occur. It is unknown how long this period of ongoing ...

via USGS Volcano Observatory activity updates for AVO (Alaska), CALVO (California), CVO (Cascades), HVO (Hawaiian), NMI (Northern Mariana Islands) & YVO (Yellowstone). 🔗Link in title. 👉Subscribe to:  @VolcanoesEarthquakesAndMore
AVO Trident YELLOW/ADVISORY - Earthquake activity was low over the past day.

Nov 29, 2023 22:25 - Earthquake activity near Trident and neighboring volcanoes continued at a low level during the past day. No activity was observed cloudy in satellite imagery. Web camera views were obscured by snow. The current period of seismic unrest began in August 2022. Increases in seismic activity have been detected previously at Trident Volcano and other similar volcanoes and did not result in eruptions. We expect additional shallow seismicity and other signs of unrest, such as gas emissions, elevated surface temperatures, and ground movement, to precede any future eruption if one ...

via USGS Volcano Observatory activity updates for AVO (Alaska), CALVO (California), CVO (Cascades), HVO (Hawaiian), NMI (Northern Mariana Islands) & YVO (Yellowstone). 🔗Link in title. 👉Subscribe to:  @VolcanoesEarthquakesAndMore
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Another look at the full hall coronal mass ejection launched by yesterday's M9.8 solar flare. As expected, the plasma cloud is earth-directed and expected to arrive late on Friday, 1 December. Expect geomagnetic storm conditions after the cloud arrives.

Via #SpaceWeatherLive on 𝕏

Side-note: Repost with the GIF/video missing from the post earlier. Apologies, been so many of these updates I didn't notice this one was missing the imagery.

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29 November 1406
M7.0 #earthquake hit the Zangezur area, Syunik prov., Armenia, destroying the Vorotnavank and damaging the Tatev monasteries and killing thousands of people.
In 1931, a deadly EQ hit near

Via #José R. #Ribeiro on 𝕏

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Mount Dukono erupted on Thursday, November 30 2023, at 08:04 WIT. The height of the eruption column was observed to be ± 1200 m above the peak (± 2287 m above sea level). The ash column was observed to be white to gray in color with thick intensity towards the west. When this report was written, the eruption was still ongoing. Report Details

Via #MAGMA #Indonesia on Telegram

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SYNOPSIS: Moderate to strong geomagnetic storming is expected in a window late Thursday into early Friday as several solar coronal mass ejections including yesterday's full halo covered in previous posts are currently en route to Earth. The storms may potentially pile up before reaching Earth, and if so, a stronger storm impact is possible. The accompanying geomagnetic storm may make for #aurora visibility at mid-latitudes late Thursday and early Friday if the storm turns out to be of the stronger variety.

NOTES: Current estimated planetary K-index forecasts (a measure of geomagnetic activity on a 9-point scale) ranges between 4 and 7.5, so the possibility of a stronger storm is there, but we'll have to wait and see.
We'll get a better sense of the storm's intensity closer to the event onset by looking at solar wind monitors located on satellites about 1,000,000 miles upstream of Earth toward the Sun at the L1 Lagrange point, a point of stable gravity where solar wind monitors reside.

MAPS: Attached below is our estimate for where you may see the southern extent of the aurora if the storm is on the stronger side Friday morning. If you have a DSLR camera, you may be able to pick up faint aurora farther south (green line). The maps also contain where clouds are forecast to be in white/gray.

CLOUD FORECAST: Expected to be cloudy for a lot of folks early Friday morning, with better seeing conditions in the upper Midwest. In Europe, the northern U.K. and Norway in particular seems to be a great place to be in terms of clear sky conditions.

Visit us on Facebook: https://facebook.com/spacewxwatch
and please see more (including real-time cloud forecasts) on our website: https://spacewxwatch.com

#spaceweather #spacewx #spacewxwatch

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Near X Class Flare, Solar Storm Watch, Old Pyramid

Observer Event January 13: eventbrite.com/e/arizona-observer-community-event-tickets-767061610927

Via #SunWeatherMan on 𝕏 from #SpaceWeatherNews & #Suspicious0bservers

Side-note: YouTube video, description and any links were posted earlier here.

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Here's an #Alaska map for all our friends there too!

Via #SpaceWeatherWatch on 𝕏

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