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Mortality Data & Charts for the United States and it's states! Updated every Wednesday:
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Here's monthly excess CMR by 10y age groups for the US!
Yearly Excess Mortality for the US by age group!
πŸ”₯ The final age-adjusted excess mortality tally is here!
For the entire pandemic time 'March 2020 - April 2023' out of the four biggest states, Florida performed best, California worst!
Heads up, there's an impersonator reaching out again under my name. Please be aware, It's a scam! Be careful!
Why do Wu et al. 2020 refuse to answer scientific questions regarding the claimed SARS-CoV-2 sequence?
Β» Several attempts to contact the original authors remain unanswered, even via Prof. Holmes. Β«
πŸ”₯ These two charts clearly show that there was no pandemic - only a media/government induced panic that lead to local iatrogenic events.
πŸ‘‡ The huge spike in excess mortality only happened in Northern Italy, while the deadly "novel" virus did not "spread" to southern Italy.
I have verified (blasted) the published Megahit assemblies by McKernan et al. (@Kevin_McKernan
) against the SV40 promoter sequence (317bp).
Here's respectively the longest matching contig:
- Pfizer 1: Identities = 245/245 (100%), Gaps = 0/245 (0%); 77.3% match
- Pfizer 2: Identities = 245/245 (100%), Gaps = 0/245 (0%); 77.3% match
- Moderna 1: Identities = Identities = 67/67 (100%), Gaps = 0/67 (0%); 21.1% match
- Moderna 2: Identities = 317/317 (100%), Gaps = 0/317 (0%); 100% match

While Megahit was not able to assemble the entire SV40 sequence with the Pfizer 1&2 and Moderna 1 samples, it found a 100% match against the Moderna 2 sample!

My conclusion, while I could not verify the original SARS2 sequence - in this case I agree with McKernan et al., and the SV40 promoter appears to be present in the COVID-19 vaccines.

Sources & Code:
- Samples from Study:
- SV40: opened in SnapGene Viewer, saved as .fa file.
- Code for each sample:
makeblastdb -in PbiV1-cs-Megahit-assem.fa -dbtype nucl
blastn -query sv40.fa -db PbiV1-cs-Megahit-assem.fa -evalue 1 -task megablast > Pfi1.crunch

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Yearly data for many countries is now available since 1950 via the UN dataset!
Nobel Price for mRNA vaccines! 🀑
Read my new article, showing that there's absolutely no excess mortality in Sweden!
πŸ”₯ German Acute Respiratory Illness (ARI) data shows that there was never a stat. sign. increase in clinical illness!
➑️ It was simply an illusion, created by PCR/antigen tests --> "Testdemic"
➑️ There is no statistical significant increase above the 99.9% PI of previous years.