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The Clinton Foundation and the Pope will now start rebuilding Ukraine.

BlackRock is rebuilding Ukraine also.

They are actually there for child sex trafficking.

Castle Rock -> Castle Lock

Stay off airplanes this winter

Everything in the Middle East will fall apart once Saudia Arabia and Israel make this peace deal.

Saudia Arabia will have severe consequences including civil unrest and war.

Israel is baiting Saudia Arabia and Iran to go to war with each other so they can create Greater Israel.

You're about to see some dazzling display of fireworks.

Trump to return.

Election riggers are out at X (Twitter)



There will be a nationwide emergency alert test sent to all TVs, radios, and cell phones at 2:20 p.m. ET.

'Joe Biden' has been missing for two days.

RED ALERT: US Special Forces are now operating on the ground in Palestine.

Three earthquakes in Iran.

HAARP remains very active.

The Great War has started.

A November to Remember.

50 US military transport planes flew into the Middle East in the last 24 hours.

Remember, Remember, the 5th of November.

Bank run
Bank layoffs

Black Swan

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The Clash of Civilizations is a thesis that people's cultural and religious identities will be the primary source of conflict.

This will intensify in the year 2024.

Order out of chaos.

60 years ago, President John F. Kennedy (JFK) was assassinated in Dallas, Texas.

Step 1: Authorities discovered an illegal Chinese-linked biomedical lab in Central California.

Step 2: Xi Jinping visits California.

Step 3: Unidentified pneumonia outbreak in China just in time for Election Season.