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Dear all,

I hope you miss me as much as I miss you.❤️
I am emptying this channel of all messages as you can see.
And I am close to closing it down end of this month.

But I will keep sharing the alternatives until then for if you do want to keep following me.

Because I don,t want to loose you and I do want to keep building the Light together.
I love you all and trust we will find each other on higher timelines.❤️

Best thing you can do for the level of Light, Love, Joy, inspiration and content and sharings like you are used from me on a daily basis….
and more….think podcasts, webinars….and my favorites and recommendations:

Join my Inner Circle….
Almost going life….
I am very excited to invite you over.
Invitation will be send out via my email list so make sure to join:


The email list will also get you my monthly newsletter with loads of content and updates.

Then; I just created a new Twitter acccount. I lost mine at the same time as Trump last time lol….let,s see how far we come now….
I will only use it to create Memes by the way.
Click on the one I just shared above and follow.

I will keep my personal IG as a track of my private journey and to share highlights.

But the best way to keep connected is to get yourself on the mail list so I can send you direct updates. And this channel will be deleted at the end of the month.

And I am very much looking forward to start the Inner Circle and hope you join me. Because my energy and inspiration is rising and I want to start feeding all of my Love into this private circle of high vibes only.

We will continue.
The Light always wins.

Sending you so much Love
And for those wanting to work with me….
We start this Tuesday!

Join The Path to Awakening online program. During this 5 week online program in a private training group I will teach, guide and uplift you on the path of your personal awakening.
Let me take you under my wings and teach you about the basic Mastery of the Mind Body & Spirit to open up your conciouness.
We start the 5th of November and we end just before Xmas on the 22nd.
Enlightenment in the season of Light.
Read more and join me link in bio
or copy paste:


Sending Love
#mastery #aw
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