Currency Strength as Fundamental Indicator

When it comes to trading forex, there are a lot of different indicators that can be used to help make decisions. Some traders focus on technical indicators, while others focus on fundamental indicators. Technical indicators can be helpful in giving short-term signals, but fundamental indicators are often seen as more reliable in the long run.

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What is Currency Strength?

For example, if the Chinese Yuan increased against the U.S.
Dollar in the USD/CNY currency pair, it would indicate an improving Chinese economy and growing economic power worldwide.
Dollar strength can increase the risk of defaulting on debt and that's why it has been said that "The US-Dollar and Treasury Bonds have been the safest places to invest so far." This is to calculate the nominal earning and see how many goods and services can be bought locally.
csm Currency strength is the relative strength of a currency in comparison with others.
However, many countries borrow in these currencies and earn revenue or taxes in their domestic currencies.
It is generated based on 14-period timeframes, but with values between 0 and 100.
These are 2 major technical indicators that measure the strength of a currency - absolute currency strength and relative currency strength.

What is Currency Strength?
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