Enhanced auroras possible tonight at Earth continues to experience effects from a coronal mass ejection which started impacting Earth's magnetosphere earlier today.
The CME seems to have originated from the Sun late on September 14, though there is currently some folks in the space weather community that believe this is an early arrival of the large filament eruption CME which was seen on September 16.
If the arrival we're seeing now is associated with the Sep 14 CME, we may be due for further enhancements in Earth's magnetic field tomorrow. I am of the opinion the Sep 16 CME is still on the way and may arrive around mid to late-day tomorrow, but let's see.
In any case, moderate (Kp=6) geomagnetic storming is likely tonight with aurora viewing possible in Canada and the northern and central portions of the U.S.

Via #SpaceWeatherWatch on 𝕏

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